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Explain Everything is a free-form creation tool that innovates getting a message from your mind to the eyes and ears of audiences, all from a mobile device.
It works like an interactive whiteboard, allowing for quick communication with students, colleagues, and customers.
Share knowledge, build understanding, and inspire meaningful engagement. Groups of any size can work together in real-time and use seamless integrations with Box, Dropbox, iCloud, and more.

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Explain Everything Interactive Whiteboard app is a free form creation tool that allows users to create in an infinite collaborative space.

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WhiteBoard: The white board can be shared among many people and used simultaneously. It is a good solution for presentations, lectures, brainstorming, playing, etc. Using it as simple as using a wall white board with the convenience of on-line features. You don't need any special software or plug-ins, you don't need to be registered or logged in, we don't collect any information from you, just open the link below with your favorite browser which supports HTML5 specification.

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Free collaborative online whiteboard software that can be embedded in your own website. Used by online tutors, schools and universities.

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Scribblar is an online collaboration tool that is perfect for online tutoring. It features live audio, chat, whiteboard, image sharing, document sharing and more. Used by learners, trainers and schools around the world, Scribblar is quickly becoming the favourite tool for online collaboration and tutoring.


Kleine Tools, um der Klasse ohne viel Worte etwas mitzuteilen. Nichts besonderes, aber immerhin.


Unter dem Motto: “ Touch. Draw. Share. ” gibt es ein browser-fähiges Web-Whiteboard , was ohne Anmeldung sofort nutzbar ist.