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This study was conducted to investigate the outcomes of various school systems in a field of schooling that was, at this time, undergoing various reforms in many countries. So-called “New Mathematics”, resulting from the international agreement on what essential new material should be included in the curriculum, had been introduced in some educational systems. FIMS research questions related to the organization of education, the curriculum, and methods of instruction. The study also examined how mathematics teaching and learning might be influenced by societal, scientific, and technological change. The data were collected in 1964.
<br> Key Findings are given as well as major publications and a Link to the Study website.


<br><table><tr><td width=100><a href=http://notes.ikg.rt.bw.schule.de/cas/material.nsf/siteinfo/pilot.htm target=_blank><img src= http://www.bildungsserver.de/icons/BW-CAS.gif border=0 align=center></a></td><td>
Der CAS-Server dient als Kommunikationsplattform für die ``Mathematik mit Computer`` in Baden-Württemberg. Die Seite bietet Beiträge zum Mathematik- und Physikunterricht mit dem Computer sowie einen Computer-Algebra Grundkurs.</td></tr></table>