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have just looked at a very interesting link a friend sent me- it´s in German- but it reminds me on something I wanted to ask before- you are familiar with Google Translator- aren´t you? this produces astonishingly good results- and should help you to read and/or to work with edu-tag for instance.


In the age of Mobile applications, will 2011 will the year of the Mobile Web apps?

In this document, we outline the reasons why and welcome your comments.

Some initial terminology,

We refer to apps on specific technologies like iPhone, Android, Blackberry as native apps and we call apps using web technologies as ‘Web apps’ (more on this below)
By Mobile Web, we also include widgets – not just browsing.
By Web technologies, we mean w3c technologies but more importantly for our discussion, there are a set of emerging web technologies on the horizon such as – CSS2.1, CSS3, SVG Filters, Ogg Vorbis, Ogg Theora, Native JSON, MathML, Animated Portable Network Graphics (APNG), Cross-Site XMLHttpRequest, Microformats, Web Worker Threads (source Mozilla)