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Karl Kirst

WHKMLA is designed to provide persons interested in history with easy access to encyclopaedic information.

WHKMLA attemps to cover countries, as well as historical regions, provide maps, cover political, economic and social history (also some cultural history, but this element is not central to WHKMLA).
For example, traditional encyclopedias treat China as one unit. However, China accounts for roughly one fifth of world population; many Chinese provinces exceed the country where I teach, the Republic of Korea, both in area and population. WHKMLA tries to offer basic information to the individual provinces/states of China, Brazil, India etc.

The history of major countries (France, Germany, Russia etc.) is presented by period, subdivided into accounts of foreign and domestic policy, the economy and cultural history.

KMLA stands for Korean Minjok Leadership Academy, an elite boarding high school located in countryside South Korea.