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The soap is not "breaking" the surface tension!!!

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Wine legs aka wine tears or wine fingers are stranger than they seem. Check out Vsauce3 Can You Survive the Movies! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJfcdJ7si...

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Why is the wax block white on top and dark on the bottom? This video is part of the Flinn Scientific Best Practices for Teaching Chemistry Video Series, a co...

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Smart videos for curious minds of all ages: Science, art, nature, animals, space, technology, DIY, food, music, animation, and more! The Kid Should See This is a free video resource for parents, teachers, and kids of all ages. Watch a huge collection of high-quality, kid-friendly, age appropriate, educational videos together at home, during homeschool, or in the classroom. Click play and start a conversation.


This webpage offers a good range of projects for the secondary science classroom. There are resources for teachers and students.