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Food and Nutrition
For the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate
Course Overview
Welcome to Food and Nutrition
For the Caribbean Secondary
Education Certificate
Food and Nutrition is a science based subject. Did anyone ever tell you
that? Yes it is. It has its foundation
in chemistry and biology. ‘Food and
Nutrition’ is what is referred to as
an applied science. As an applied
science Food and Nutrition uses scientific principles of food science and
nutrition to help you appreciate the
value of food and its function within
the body. In addition, there is use of practical skills in the preparation and
service of food. In essence, Food an
d Nutrition is geared towards helping
you as an individual recognize that your health is dependent on the
quantity and quality of food eaten
and functions to guide you in the
selection of appropriate cooking methods to be used in food’s
preparation. Choosing to pursue this
course of study will allow you to
make invaluable contributions to yo
ur improving the quality of life for
your home and society. Already, in the Caribbean issues of food security,
safety and health are concerns of the
various territories in their quest to
efficiently function in today’s world. The study of Food and Nutrition can
function as one of an arsenal of initia
tives to assist in achieving this.