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Christine Kocharyan

TikTok’s user base has grown from zero to over a billion in just five years. The success of the app inspires many businesses to think about how to make an app like TikTok. In this article, you’ll learn how to create an app like TikTok, as we’ve covered all ten main steps

Christine Kocharyan

application. Today, it’s much more than that. Instagram is a successful social media marketing tool because of its larger and growing user base. In this guide, you’ll learn how to create an app like Instagram and repeat its success.

Christine Kocharyan

Google instant apps are not a new concept in the Android ecosystem. Android instant apps have gained popularity. However, many businesses still haven’t discovered the real power of such solutions and the benefits they can get. In this article, we’ll talk about how to create an instant app for Android and why businesses should consider this option.

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Das digital.learning.lab ist ein Hamburger Kompetenzzentrum für die Unterrichtsgestaltung in digitalen Zeiten. Lehrkräfte finden hier Anregungen und Unterstützung, ihren Unterricht unter Berücksichtigung der Kompetenzen für eine digitalisierte Lebens- und Arbeitswelt weiter zu entwickeln (Lizenzen: CC-BY-NC-SA).

Christine Kocharyan

The mobile payment industry is on the rise. Mobile wallets are digital wallets that store payment card information on mobile devices. They offer an innovative and more convenient way for making payments. If you want to learn How to make a Mobile app wallet, read the article to get step-by-step instructions.


Mobilunity.DE ist ein GLOBALER Anbieter von IT-Outsourcing-Lösungen. Wir bieten ein breitgefächertes Angebot an web und mobilen Dienstleistungen in einer Vielzahl von Industrien an.


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